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"Gazelles" show spectacular growth: How do they do it?


David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, recently noted that "there had been a surge in new, young, high-growth, highly innovative firms. It wasn't long ago that Apple, Cisco and Google didn't even exist – now each one has a market value of over $100 billion."

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Becoming A Better MD


Are MDs born knowing what to do or can they be taught? With the amount of self-help books and training courses available a common assumption is that anyone can learn to be an MD but is this true? Read the full article to see what type of leader you are and how you can best develop your own personal (and effective) style.


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Top 10 Tips For Running Effective Meetings


Holding meetings today is hugely expensive as they typically involve highly skilled, well paid workers who may have travelled long distances to be at the meeting. Badly run meetings can, therefore, waste time, money, resources and are probably worse than holding no meetings at all. All Agencies need to maximise the return they make from running meetings and hopefully the following ten tips may help you to do just that.

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How business lifecycles and leadership behaviours contribute to business successes and failures

It may seem fairly obvious but as companies grow they appear to follow a corporate life cycle including Creation, Growth, Maturity, Turnaround and Decline. In tandem it appears that, in order to be successful in each stage, companies need to employ different types of Leaders including Creators, Accelerators, Sustainers, Transformers and Terminators. So here is your challenge: Do you know whether your leadership behaviours suit your company's growth cycle?

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A new trend in pitching

There is a new, bold trend on the horizon that seeks to eliminate the need for a sales pitch. An original thought, some might say, which seeks to establish a more effective and persuasive way of providing great, tailored solutions to clients. Could this be the means of pulling sales success towards your business rather than pushing standard solutions onto prospective clients?


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Business Plans: Uses and abuses

"Some men see things as they are and say "Why?". I dream of things that never were and say "Why not?" (George Bernard Shaw)
Do you ever dream about business success and wonder how to make it happen? We all have aspirational dreams and goals but how many of us know how to turn them into reality?

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Who will fill your shoes when you retire?

I wonder how many of you worry where the talent is going to come from to run your business es in the future. A few of you will be Veterans (born 1922- 1945); many will be Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) and some will be Generation X (born 1965-1980); each of you has a unique style of leadership which you probably believe can't be replicated!

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Government sponsored Grants

You may have heard in the press about government Train to Gain grants. The grants are there to encourage owner managers (such as yourselves) to grow their businesses. The government wants SMEs to survive the recession and grow; thereby employing more people (and obviously generating more taxes!).


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How to Survive a recession

In the current economic climate many businesses are concerned about the future. Whilst this is a natural reaction there are steps you can put in place NOW to ensure that your business emerges not only stronger but best placed to take advantage when the upturn comes.

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Do you need a Non-Executive Director (NED)?

The presence of a non-executive director acts as a safety net, whatever the size of your group. They can also help grow your business, says Anton Jerges of The Liquid Way.

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Great agency - shame about the website

Why do so many excellent creative businesses shoot themselves in the foot with websites that are, not to put too fine a point on it, rubbish? Agencies are brilliant at creating client’s websites but often forget to apply the same standards to their own.

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How to create a vision that propels your busines forward

You’ve heard business gurus enlighten you about business plans and how important these are. In truth, there is something much more important!


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Ringing up telemarketing success


Telemarketing, in any business, is the job we love to hate, writes telemarketing specialist Dianne Edgar. Advertising, brochures and direct mail are creative; e-mail reaches huge numbers; PR builds awareness; and some products and services fly off the shelf from a good website. But for the majority of businesses in the services sector, there comes a time when we all have to pick up the phone and MAKE THOSE CALLS.


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The ABC of enhancing profits by building your reputation


Have you encountered any well-known brands that have retained an agency on a regular basis, even though you (and probably they) know that the agency is not the best for them, and, given half a chance you could do a much better job?


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Getting customers to spread the word


Are you up to date with how to communicate with your potential clients and can you advise your clients on how to communicate with theirs? In this latest edition of marketing tips from Consultrix, we explore some innovative ways of communicating with potential customers whether it be yours or your clients.


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