Strategic Reviews

We are frequently asked to assess, for both recently established and growing businesses, their capacity for profitable business growth and what methods they should use to build and realise capital.


To do this we perform in-depth reviews of businesses and their value-added drivers.


To aid our understanding of their chances of achieving their long term goals we evaluate many things including their:


○ Personal and corporate objectives
○ Vision, mission and strategies
○ Leadership styles and culture
○ Proposition, positioning and marketing
○ New business performance
○ Client management and development
○ Business profitability


As well as:


○ Market trends
○ Sector benchmarking
○ M&A activity and pricing scenarios


Based on our analysis we make recommendations that help businesses build profitability, on stable platforms, resulting in opportunities to accelerate business growth and maximise capital values.


Having completed a Strategic Review, we are often asked to help management teams develop focussed business plans which will enable them to accelerate growth and profitability without destroying that which what makes them special!


These plans can also be used to support:


○ M&A activity
○ Profit improvement strategies
○ Funding negotiations
○ Reward and remuneration packages
○ Advice on buying and selling businesses

" If you fail to plan, you plan to fail  "



“Nothing is more terrible
 than activity without insight "