Talent Management

It has always been difficult to attract and keep talent, even more so now that "Generation Y and C" are entering the work place.


Such young people are after a sense of purpose, work-life balance, fun, variety, respect, and the opportunity to do ‘real’ work that makes a difference. Arguably everyone wants these things from a job but the difference with the “new generations” is they’ll talk with their feet when their needs are not fulfilled.


Obviously meeting their every demand will not be practical or cost-effective. The key is to understand the motivations, needs and aspirations of the Generation you employ and not make the mistake of automatically buying into the generational stereotype.


To fill this future talent gap we are often asked: How talented are my employees? Am I making the most of the talent I already have? Will my talent pool enable me to achieve my long term personal and corporate goals? How can I develop our talent to improve profitability etc? We use a variety of methods to help you answer these questions including:


Human Resource Management

Our HR consultants can offer you practical advice on a wide variety of topics including remuneration and incentivisation packages, retention techniques, service and employee contracts, annual appraisal and performance management systems etc.


Coaching and Mentoring

Our Business Coaches provide support and advice to individuals and groups in order to help them recognise ways in which they can improve their own or the group’s effectiveness. Coaching can be provided in a number of ways, including one-on-one or group sessions.  Our coaches are qualified by both experience and training and are highly effective.


Our sector experienced consultants often pair with, and mentor, recently hired employees helping them settle in and reach the peak of their performance faster. They also work with high-potential employees grooming them for leadership roles. Mentors are able to share practical, commercial experiences helping such employees get up to speed faster.

" If you keep doing the same things, you'll end up with more of what you've already got. "