We run many workshops which tackle a wide range of topics including:

○ Business planning
○ Profit improvement strategies
○ Process re-engineering
○ New business performance
○ Client profitability
○ Business profitability
○ Client satisfaction
○ Employee satisfaction
○ Strategic planning

To do this we use a full complement of specialist Neuland PinPoint facilitation equipment. Our techniques involve physical activity, imagination, colour and participation by all attendees.

The workshops are specifically designed to ensure that:

○ All members of the team are engaged
○ Barriers are broken down
○ New ways of thinking are encouraged
○ Commitment is increased
○ Time and money is saved
○ and - perhaps even more importantly - it is fun!


At the end of the workshop we provide detailed, documented notes on agreed actions that can then be used to monitor progress.

" Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm "