Our Consultants


Allison McSparron-Edwards


Allison McSparron-Edwards,
Managing Director

Our team of consultants is led by Managing Director and Founder,
Allison McSparron-Edwards.

Allison has worked largely for service sector businesses, starting at one of the top 5 consultancies, then using her management skills in a multinational relocation business, before moving on to the marketing and communications sector.

She has worked at board level in local, regional and London agencies, applying strategic thinking, developing businesses and people, and improving commercial returns. Allison combines a shrewd business sense with the ability to understand the human issues involved in any group working together. Honest and forthright, she tells it how it is!


Allison is supported by a team of professional Consultants, who each bring specialist skills and expertise to projects.

By devoting time to get to know you at the outset, we are better able to allocate the consultants with the right experience and background for your requirements.


○ Personal and Management Development Specialists
○ Sales and Marketing Specialists
○ Strategic / Management Consultants
○ Financial and M&A Consultants
○ Executive Coaches

Perhaps, most importantly, we have all run large and small, private and public, businesses so we understand and empathise with the pressures and challenges that you work under.



Niki King

Operations Director



Niki King

Having grown up in an army family Niki moved around the world for many years attending school in various countries including a spell as a boarder in a French convent!


She finally settled in Wiltshire, although has maintained her love of travel and regularly gets involved in volunteering projects abroad. Highlights have included volunteering with a charity for the disabled in Bangalore, elephants in Thailand, orang-utans in Sumatra and dog rescue in the Philippines.


Niki started her working life as a teacher, moved into the oil industry and then into Financial Services where she qualified as a Financial Practitioner and Project Manager.


Niki has known Allison personally for nearly 30 years and became actively involved with Consultrix at its inception. She is the person who organises our back-office capability; ensuring clients are regularly contacted, the paperwork is kept in order, our appointments run smoothly and our Consultants are available when and where they are needed!

Chris Thomas

Finance Manager



Niki King

Chris has also known Allison for many years – both personally and professionally – and has also been actively involved with Consultrix since inception.


Chris is responsible for keeping our finances in order. She ensures the bills are paid on time, invoices are kept in order, forecasts are up-to-date, expenses are controlled and is involved in many other finance-related tasks around the office.


Chris is a real local girl who is actively involved in village life and has a particular interest in “all things crafty”.

We also work with a small and trusted number of specialised Associate Consultants who share our values and provide skills and experience that enhance our core capability

Simon Browne

Senior Consultant




Simon graduated from Southampton in 1997 with a degree in Corporate Communications.


Since then he has worked in various sectors which have included Advertising & Brand Agencies, Charities, Financial Services and Web Development agencies.


Simon offers an in-depth knowledge of the creative process having qualifications and experience in graphic design, production, marketing as well as account management and business development.

" An ounce of experience is worth a ton of theory "