Case Studies

This is a small sample of some of the companies we have worked with. See the “Who we’ve worked with” section for a more comprehensive list of clients.

To preserve confidentiality we have sometimes used pseudonyms in the following examples.


Large Independent Marketing Group
Objective: To assess the strategic and management capabilities of the Board of a newly acquired agency.

This involved psychometric tools, interviews and workshops. As a result Millennium now understands the Board’s strategic and management capabilities, and the agency Board better understands each Director’s preferred management styles and strengths and weaknesses.

A Design Agency
Objective: To identify the reasons for agency wide communication/relationship difficulties and to help the owner/managers identify a strategy for profitable growth.

Backed by extensive interviews and analysis we identified the reasons for key agency wide relationship difficulties and how profitable growth could be achieved. Using coaching and mentoring skills we worked with the agency to improve communications, processes and profitability. We are now acting as an NED to sustain long term growth.

Two Agencies
Objective: To value and then advise on the strategic issues involved in the proposed merger of two agencies.

Having valued both agencies and reviewed the people, processes and performance of both agencies we uncovered financial and strategic reasons why the merger should not go ahead. Subsequently, we were engaged to develop the leadership & management of one of the companies.   

Integrated Company
Objective: To advise and help develop the strategic and financial plans of a break away agency.

The break away, by young entrepreneurs, initially required strategic advice, commercial support and mentoring to develop their business plans. Subsequently, as an NED, we  actively supported their successful long term growth plans.

Objective: To value the shares of a company and then to facilitate management’s ability to acquire the shares on the retirement of the founder.

The share valuation encompassed the uniqueness of the business, market conditions and comparable valuations. Subsequent negotiations took account of management’s ability to pay, funding opportunities, tax regimes and the financial needs of the founder.

Design Agency
Objective: To review a company’s succession plans and management's ability to grow the business.

We assessed the talent and performance of senior management using psychometric tools, extensive interviews and benchmarking exercises. Our recommendations resulted in formalised succession plans, a re-organisation, the development of individuals and the recruitment of additional talented individuals which all contributed to a marked increase in profitability and growth.

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