We are very proud of the testimonials our clients write and include here a small selection.


To preserve confidentiality we have sometimes used pseudonyms in the following examples.


Apex Computers: Ben Spode, Client Executive

Their input has had a marked and direct impact upon my increasing success to date.


Caulder Moore Design: Ian Caulder, Joint MD

...we have honed our vision and are now looking at new ways to generate profitable new business. Consultrix have an excellent insight into what makes a design agency tick. They use their expertise and experience to ensure that we are working on those things that build capital value and simultaneously improve our work life balance.


Designation: Nigel Penn-Simkins, Director

Consultrix's "forget the past" clean-sheet approach to building a new future is brilliant. What's more - it's working, and I'm confident it would work with anybody; give it a go!


Factor 3: Chris Steele, Director

Consultrix provided Factor3 with very pragmatic support and input. Their experience and understanding of the Marketing services industry enables businesses to consider issues in a quick and efficient manner.


BOS: Design (FLB) Guy Douglass, MD

Allison helps business managers see the wood for the trees. Her breadth of experience is invaluable in the spotting of potential problems before they occur. Her interest and enthusiasm for personality profiling has helped us to build a strong, successful team and to manage them appropriately.


Focus PR: Hilary Meacham, MD

Focus PR was at a turning point ... the key benefit to us was to guide three directors through the uncomfortable discussion about what we each really wanted out of the business. Defining and expressing our personal goals was necessary and achieved. The personal profiling exercises were difficult for us all but the outcome has been a trio who, if anything, are bound even more closely together than before. Our former chairman now refers to us as the Three Musketeers!


HP: Simon Mead, Key Account Manager

Debbie is a great mentor and I believe was instrumental in not only our success as a sales team but my success to date.


ITPR: Bob Dearsley, MD

Allison has come to the end of the programme which we set out with at the beginning of 2010. She has helped us to formalise the development of the board of directors, assisted you in defining your roles at those meetings, helped to shape and develop the board meetings themselves and the processes around them. As such she has now reached the end of the project which she came on board to manage. I would like to thank Allison for her help and assistance in doing so and in moving us forward to this position. I know that we are a stronger and more co-ordinated business as a result.


JDA: Mike Ashton, MD

Consultrix showed a real empathy to the challenges facing our business, providing some concise solutions that invigorated our management team.


Montpellier Marketing Communications Group: Guy Woodcock, CEO

I have been thrilled with my experience of Consultrix ... I like their forthrightness and honesty of thought, which is something I value and believe in ... they not only completed some constructive coaching at director level but facilitated valuable team-level business improvement sessions ... which were thought-provoking and enabling.


OTB and Think: Tina Catling, Director

Allison has a unique blend of skills - both right and left brain - Allison is able to think creatively and laterally and also analytically. This is a fantastically useful ability and very rare. It makes Allison the perfect consultant for creative companies as she 'gets' what we do but is then able to challenge intelligently. If you are brave enough for huge success then get in touch with Allison. We did and are so much more successful following her consultancy with us.


Proctor and Stevenson: Roger Proctor, MD

Proctor and Stevenson appointed Consultrix in 2007 to help the Directors focus their thoughts on the business and the issues surrounding succession management. Allison's approach has been exemplary using a careful combination of "science" and group working with the Directors, both separately and together. We are only part way through our journey but we are all enjoying it and most significantly, it is helping us to address issues that had been left unaddressed for some time due to the normal day to day pressures of project work. Allison has a knack of identifying the problem quickly. Her wide experience means that she has probably seen most of it before, although we like to think we are absolutely unique! However every organisation really is different and therefore has different dynamics. Allison discovers those differences, helps you work with them and develop where necessary. We are looking forward to our journey ahead with Consultrix.


Reality House Ltd: Mike Fieldhouse, MD

The most valuable insights I gained following our initial consultancy were "Raising my sights and looking at the strategic. I'm hoping that we will see a radical difference in realityhouse over the next 12 months - PLUS 25% growth next year".


Remo Ltd: Ursula Dunn, MD

I found the combination of commercial and financial expertise, to be a powerful tool. The consultants were committed and loyal ... I would highly recommend any company who is looking at its 'next step' to retain Consultrix ... before it's too late.


Sightline: Keith Thomas, MD

We have the skills, the commitment and the energy to further grow our business in a very exciting industry - but we were lacking a proper strategy to do this and we knew we were missing lots of opportunities.Allison and her team are helping us to get on the right track and make brave decisions about how we run and manage our business. We are very impressed with their honest and down to earth approach. The sessions we have had so far have been fun, revealing and inspiring and they have already had a positive impact. We look forward to a successful partnership.


Smith Milton: Howard Milton, MD

Helpful and practical ....... it fulfilled my primary aim - to ascertain the candid attitude of the senior team.


Spaceform: Chris Greenhalgh, MD

You have been very inspiring - thank you for all your hard work so far.


Symantec: Deborah Carlier, Marketing Manager

... a passionate and enthusiastic consultant who genuinely cares about her people. Her approach is extremely motivating, and her creative thinking and willingness to try new ideas would give any business the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.


The Liquid Way: Anton Jerges, MD

Consultrix's help, advice, calmness, experience and knowledge have been entirely instrumental in our success. Without their excellent skills and business acumen I do not believe we would have been able to achieve what we have. The knock-on effects have been overwhelming, not just at work but in our lives in general. We are achieving goals and enjoying doing it!


Toast: David Foreman, Director

Working with Consultrix has been a real move forward in the development of Toast Design. We've become more focused, organised and excited about where Toast is going. They will continue to play an important role in helping us understand and achieve our goals.


Twice Creative: Tom Barnard, Director

Twice Creative has been working with Consultrix since May 2008. With their advice and encouragement, we have moved our business up a gear. As we take our agency to the next stage, we feel better organised and more confident with a clear strategic direction.

We were offering many services to a diverse customer base without a central business focus. We seemed to be swimming around in circles. They helped get us on track, taking us through a strategic evaluation process to establish our vision and primary direction and identify the strengths and weaknesses within our team and the business as a whole. These included day to day issues, such as staffing and resources, finances and budgets.

We have valued their honest and straight forward approach to our business growth. It has been a cathartic experience - sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees - and her encouragement and enthusiasm has helped us gain a better sense of the value in our business.


With our new clarity of vision and strength of purpose, we are moving to better premises, recruiting talented staff and targeting the right customers with a relevant and refined business proposition.

" All genuine education comes about through experience "